September 29, 2023

Nigeria Immigration Service Clears Massive Passport Backlog Following Ministerial Directive

In a commendable administrative feat, the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has successfully cleared a massive backlog of 190,749 passport applications. This comes in the wake of a directive issued by the Minister of Interior, Dr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, exactly a month ago. Highlights: The passport application process, a vital service for many Nigerians seeking to travel […]

September 26, 2023

From Citi Bank to Central Bank: Nigeria Welcomes Olayemi Cardoso as its New Governor

ABUJA — In a significant shift aimed at ensuring financial stability in Africa’s largest economy, the Nigerian Senate has confirmed the appointment of Olayemi Cardoso, former Chairman of Citi Bank Nigeria, as the new Central Bank Governor for a term of five years. Highlights: This monumental decision follows President Bola Tinubu’s recent nomination of Cardoso […]

September 25, 2023

Fire at Nigeria’s Apex Court: Searching for Answers Amidst the Ashes

In an alarming incident, the Supreme Court of Nigeria experienced a devastating fire, resulting in significant damage to the chamber of one of its Justices. The unexpected blaze, which occurred in the Federal Capital Territory, took many by surprise and has since drawn significant attention nationwide. Highlights: The heart of Nigeria’s judicial system was shaken […]

September 23, 2023

Uganda Announces Elimination of Key Islamic State Rebel Chief in Eastern Congo

In a recent announcement that signifies a major blow to extremist operations in Central Africa, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni confirmed the death of a top rebel leader linked with the Islamic State. The said individual was associated with the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an extremist faction known for its operations within the eastern Democratic Republic […]

September 23, 2023

Nigeria: National Assembly Leadership Converges in Akwa Ibom for Pivotal Retreat

Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State – The serene town of Ikot Ekpene in Akwa Ibom State, known for its rich cultural heritage, recently played host to the most important figures in Nigeria’s political and legislative scene. The occasion? The National Assembly Leadership Retreat. Highlights: The two-day retreat, masterfully organized by the National Institute for Legislative […]

September 22, 2023

Rupert Murdoch Bids Adieu: A Legacy Left Behind at Fox and News Corp.

Rupert Murdoch, a stalwart in the global media realm, has recently announced his decision to step down as chairman of Fox and News Corp., signaling the conclusion of a seven-decade-long journey. This significant shift at the helm of these two media giants is not just a change in leadership but also the end of an […]

September 18, 2023

EFCC and FBI Join Forces: New Findings Implicate Mompha in Financial Conspiracy

LAGOS—Further proof against Ismaila Mustapha, a wealthy socialite commonly referred to as Mompha, has been admitted by an Ikeja Special Offences Court in Lagos. Highlights: There are eight counts against Mompha and his company, Ismalob Global Investment Limited, including conspiracy to fraudulently conceal funds gathered by means of illegal activities, the retention of proceeds of […]

September 16, 2023

Fuel Prices Skyrocket in Kenya, Citizens Brace for Economic Impact

Nairobi, Kenya – Kenya’s fuel prices have soared to unprecedented levels, signaling a concerning phase for the country’s economy and directly impacting the pockets of its citizens. Reports have flooded in from various media outlets, confirming that this is indeed the highest fuel price the country has ever seen. Highlights The situation has given rise […]

September 14, 2023

Libya Flood Update: 5000 deaths confirmed and over 20,000 missing

In a tragic twist of nature, the eastern Libyan city of Derna faced a calamity of unprecedented magnitude last Wednesday. Torrential rains, relentless and unyielding, led to the catastrophic breakage of two dams, unleashing powerful floodwaters that obliterated everything in their way. Overview For the town of Derna, home to 100,000 souls, it was a […]