Got a confidential news tip?

    Have you heard the most recent and exciting news? I assume you mean to submit this to the Abuja Graph. Our journalists can be contacted and content can be submitted in a number of different ways. These approaches may not guarantee complete anonymity, but they are better than nothing.

    Don’t use this for sending comments, story suggestions, pitches, or press releases. Please use the form on our contact page for all other inquiries.


    When should one leave a tip?


    A credible news tip will have several pieces of information. There needs to be paperwork or proof of some kind. A hunch or educated guess does not constitute a tip. An effective news tip will provide a clear and actionable explanation of an issue or situation. Be specific. Ultimately, a news tip ought to be newsworthy. The fact that your neighbor is stealing cable is bad, but we won’t be covering it.


    Here are a few examples of sound advice:


    This document is evidence that the government officer in question is breaking the law.

    That the company in question is engaging in unethical behavior is confirmed by the facts supplied here.

    We will review messages on a frequent basis, but we will be unable to personally reply to each one.

    Tips can be submitted in a variety of ways. The level of safety provided by various methods varies, so it’s vital to examine the pros and cons before settling on one. Each tip will be answered in the same fashion in which it was received.


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