Republican Opponent Calls Trump an ‘Axe Murderer’

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Republican Opponent Calls Trump an ‘Axe Murderer’

A Republican opponent in Georgia remarked that Donald Trump had “the moral compass of an axe murderer” when discussing the former president’s legal troubles in Georgia and elsewhere in the United States but also his continued dominance of the presidential primaries.

“As Republicans, that dashboard is going off with lights and bells and whistles, telling us all the warning things we need to know,” Geoff Duncan said on CNN on Monday.

“Ninety-one indictments,” Duncan stated. He’s got the moral compass of a… more like an axe murderer than a president, and he’s racked up a trillion dollars in debt during his tenure as president, so there’s no way we can choose him as our nominee.

We need to take action at this very moment. It’s make-or-break time for the Republican Party.

Duncan served as Georgia’s lieutenant governor when President Trump attempted to reverse Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory in the state, an action that has resulted in 13 counts of racketeering and conspiracy.

Trump is also accused (and denies culpability on) four counts of interfering with a federal election, forty counts of retaining classified information, and thirty-four counts of paying hush money to a pornstar.

Many political commentators believe that the Republican Party will be doomed if Trump is chosen to run against Biden again in 2020.

After skipping the first debate (held last week in Wisconsin) and signaling he may boycott all subsequent debates, Trump still leads in national and crucial state polls.

Trump is widely predicted to lose to Joe Biden in a presidential election. Close fights are typical of polling data, yet the majority of voters clearly believe that Biden, at 80 years old, is too elderly to serve a second term.

Trump is 77 years old, but fewer people say his age is a problem. But a large number of people view him as dishonest.

Duncan claimed that Trump’s list of misdeeds was “like some sort of Ponzi scheme of lies,” describing “a two-plus year crime spree from coast to coast.”

There will be a slew of trials for Trump this election year, including a civil defamation lawsuit in which he is accused of being a rapist.

According to Duncan’s comments on CNN, “when you have four trials to have to compete with on a calendar, you’re not gonna be able to, you know, skip certain days because it’s your birthday, or skip certain days because you’ve got a nail appointment, right?”

You’ll have to “go face the music,” as the saying goes.