President Tinubu Set to Attend 78th UN General Assembly in New York

John Deer Jeje Laye
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President Tinubu Set to Attend 78th UN General Assembly in New York

New York, Sep 18, 2023 – President Tinubu of Nigeria is poised to attend the 78th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) taking place in New York. The assembly, an annual event where world leaders converge to discuss critical global issues, will see President Tinubu sharing the stage with international figures including President Joe Biden of the United States.


  1. President Tinubu of Nigeria is set to attend the 78th UNGA in New York, aiming to discuss digital transformation, meta technologies, and artificial intelligence.
  2. Significant bilateral meetings include dialogues with President Joe Biden and South African representatives, focusing on Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 agenda.
  3. Engagements with CEOs, such as Brad Smith and Exxon Mobil, aim to attract foreign direct investment into Nigeria, especially in sectors primed for digital innovation.
  4. Reform of the global financial architecture and collaborations with the European Union Commission are top agenda items for Nigeria, seeking a more equitable global economic landscape.

There is anticipation in the air, as the Nigerian president is expected to discuss digital transformation innovation, deepening the nation’s progress in the realm of digital capabilities and tools. Such a focus comes as no surprise, given Ajuri Ngelale’s previous endeavors to deepen digital transformation across multiple sectors in Nigeria. Particular emphasis is anticipated on artificial intelligence and certain other applications, with meta technologies being a prime focal point. The evolution and adoption of these technologies are seen as pivotal in driving progress and sustainability in the modern era.

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One of the significant bilaterals President Tinubu is slated for includes a meeting with President Joe Biden, aiming to foster stronger ties between Nigeria and the United States. Their discussions will likely touch on shared Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and accelerating action on the 2030 agenda. Collaboration between nations, especially in achieving the SDGs, is increasingly vital in a world grappling with myriad challenges.

President Tinubu Set to Attend 78th UN General Assembly in New York
Oluremi Tinubu Arrives New York Ahead Of UN General Assembly

Moreover, the Nigerian president will hold bilateral meetings with world leaders, including representatives from South Africa, aiming to fortify diplomatic ties and pave the way for increased cooperation in areas like trade, security, and sustainable development.

CEOs, including Brad Smith and other influential figures in the tech industry, are slated to meet with President Tinubu. These meetings are expected to steer conversations on how to attract foreign direct investment into the country, particularly in sectors ripe for digital transformation. The likes of Exxon Mobil, a leading player in the energy sector, are keen on expanding their footprint in Nigeria and aligning with the nation’s vision for a sustainable future.

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Another pivotal topic on President Tinubu’s agenda will be the reform of the global financial architecture. This topic is of critical importance to developing nations, and the European Union Commission has shown significant interest in collaborating on this front. Engaging in this dialogue will allow Nigeria to voice its perspective and needs, ensuring a more equitable and just global economic landscape.

As President Tinubu sets foot in New York, the world will be watching keenly. Nigeria, often regarded as a critical player in Africa’s future, has the opportunity to set the tone for the continent’s development. The strides made in areas like digital transformation, coupled with the nation’s rich resources, place it at a unique junction. A successful UNGA visit can serve as the linchpin for not just Nigeria’s progress but the advancement of the African continent as a whole.

The 78th UNGA session is a testament to the world’s continued commitment to collective problem-solving and collaboration. As world leaders come together, discussions will touch on pressing issues like climate change, sustainable development, security challenges, and more. But with the added emphasis on digital transformation this year, especially in the wake of global disruptions like the pandemic, the assembly promises to usher in discussions that can shape the future.

President Tinubu’s participation is not just symbolic but carries the weight of Nigeria’s aspirations and the continent’s potential. Through strategic dialogues, partnerships, and the leveraging of technologies, the 78th UNGA session could be the beginning of a transformative era for Nigeria and Africa. The world, undoubtedly, will be watching.