September 11, 2023

The Day the World Stood Still: Honoring 9/11 Heroes

September 11th, 2001, is a date forever etched in the collective memory of the world. It’s a day that witnessed the worst of humanity, but also, paradoxically, the best. As the Twin Towers crumbled, the Pentagon smoldered, and a plane’s remnants lay scattered in a Pennsylvania field, we saw acts of terror that sought to […]

August 29, 2023

Florida racial incident: The Deadly Consequences of Political Extremism

Hateful speech breeds a hateful culture, a political and social Petri dish. The words we use become the actions we take. What happened in Florida is no different. Sunday saw the continuation of law enforcement’s investigation into the mass shooting that occurred on Saturday at a Dollar General Store in Jacksonville, Florida. The sheriff of […]