August 30, 2023

Yuan’s Rise: Can It Challenge the Dollar’s Dominance?

The global financial landscape has always been a theater of power dynamics, with currencies playing leading roles. Recently, the Brics conference stirred discussions about a new currency from its five emerging market members, aiming to challenge the US dollar’s dominance. While this idea seems to be fading, the real contender emerging from the shadows is […]

August 22, 2023

Is Nvidia Overvalued Despite Strong Earnings?

Nvidia is expected to report strong earnings for the second quarter on Wednesday, August 23, thanks to the effect of surging global demand for its products. However, investors are more focused on the company’s ability to meet future demand for AI chips. The global chip shortage has been a major challenge for Nvidia, as it […]

Could Glaxo Smith Kline had stir the ship differently in the Nigerian Storms

It is clear that Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) is facing some significant challenges, but I also believe that there are still some opportunities for the company to overcome these challenges and remain a viable presence in Nigeria. One of the biggest challenges facing GSK is the issue of foreign exchange. The company relies on imported […]