Can Working from Home be Applied to a Political Office?

John Deer Jeje Laye
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Ondo Governor’s Return Highlights Political Divide in the State

I can’t imagine living 2-3 hours drive from my place of work. However, COVID-19 has shown us that working remotely can be as productive as working in the office if not more. That raises more question like — can that be applied to a political office? With what he has done in a short period it has to be passion or drive to want to have an impact – that is one way to see it. Without being biased, let’s analyze this together.

The recent return of Ondo State Governor Rotimi Akeredolu from a medical vacation has sparked a political debate in the state. The main opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has criticized Akeredolu for failing to return to the state immediately after his vacation, accusing him of being unfit to govern. The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), on the other hand, has defended Akeredolu, saying that he has been handling state business appropriately since his return.

The PDP’s criticism of Akeredolu is not entirely unfounded. The governor has been absent from the state for several months, and his decision to remain in Ibadan, Oyo State, after his return has raised questions. Akeredolu has not publicly explained his decision to remain in Ibadan, which has given rise to speculation and rumors.

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Some observers believe that Akeredolu may be facing health challenges that prevent him from returning to the state full-time. Others believe that the governor may be afraid of being impeached by the state legislature, which is controlled by the PDP. Still others believe that Akeredolu may simply be more comfortable living in Ibadan.

Whatever the reason for Akeredolu’s absence, it is clear that his return has not been without its challenges. The governor’s absence has created a vacuum of leadership in the state, and the PDP has been quick to capitalize on this situation. The party has been calling for Akeredolu to resign, and it has even staged protests to demand his removal from office.

The APC has defended Akeredolu, saying that he is fit to govern and that he has been handling state business appropriately since his return. The party has also accused the PDP of trying to destabilize the state for its own political gain.

The political debate over Akeredolu’s return highlights the deep divisions in Ondo State. The PDP and the APC are locked in a bitter rivalry, and the two parties are using every opportunity to score points against each other. The people of Ondo State are caught in the middle of this political tug-of-war, and they are the ones who are suffering as a result.

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In my opinion, the governor’s absence is not helping the state. Ondo State is facing a number of challenges, including economic hardship, insecurity, and poor infrastructure. The governor needs to be present in the state in order to address these challenges.

I also believe that the governor’s decision to remain in Ibadan after his return is a mistake. This decision has raised questions about his commitment to the state, and it has created a vacuum of leadership.

I urge the governor to return to the state immediately and to focus on addressing the challenges facing the people of Ondo State. The governor should also be more transparent about his health and his plans for the future.

The political divide in Ondo State is a major obstacle to development. The PDP and the APC need to put aside their differences and work together for the good of the state. The people of Ondo State deserve better.