G20 Summit in India: A Test of Biden’s Leadership and Xi’s Willingness to Engage

John Deer Jeje Laye
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G20 Summit in India: A Test of Biden’s Leadership and Xi’s Willingness to Engage

According to US President Joe Biden, Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to attend the G20 summit in India next week. The summit will occur from September 9 to 10 at Bharat Mandapam, the International Exhibition and Convention Centre (IECC) complex in New Delhi, the nation’s capital.

Biden made the remarks at a news conference on Thursday in Washington, DC. He claimed that he had discussed the summit with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and agreed that Xi should go.

Biden remarked, “I hope he attends. The world must witness us discussing significant problems around a table.


  • US President Biden hopes that Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the G20 summit in India next week.
  • The decision of whether or not to attend the summit is a delicate one for Xi.
  • The G20 summit is expected to be challenging for Biden.
  • The outcome of the summit is uncertain.

The G20 is an international gathering of the top 20 economies in the world. It consists of the European Union and 19 other nations. The summit, which is held yearly, gives the heads of state of these nations the chance to talk about world problems like the economy, climate change, and security.

It’s still being determined whether Xi will attend the summit. China has not officially confirmed his attendance. But according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Xi is “considering” going.

For Xi, it’s a difficult choice whether to go to the summit. On the one hand, declining to go would be a tremendous diplomatic gaffe. China needs to interact with the rest of the world through the G20. Conversely, Xi might hesitate if he thinks the US will use the summit to pressure him about trade and human rights.

In the upcoming days, Xi will probably decide whether or not to go to the summit. If he goes, it will prove he is open to discussing international concerns with the US and other nations. It will demonstrate that he is ready to challenge the US and other countries if he chooses not to go.

For Biden, the G20 summit is anticipated to be complicated. He will be under pressure to handle problems, including the conflict in Ukraine, the state of the world economy, and climate change. Additionally, he will want to establish connections with other world leaders, notably Xi.

The summit will test Vice President Biden’s global leadership and problem-solving skills. Additionally, it will put Xi’s willingness to interact with the outside world and collaborate with other nations to address these issues to the test.


For both Biden and Xi, the choice of whether or not to attend the G20 summit is essential. For Biden, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate his willingness to communicate with China and collaborate with other nations to handle international problems. For Xi, it is an opportunity to present his desire to challenge the US and advance China’s interests in the global arena.

Uncertainty surrounds the summit’s result. Nevertheless, it will be a massive event that significantly impacts the world order.

Possible results

The G20 summit might have a variety of different results. It’s possible that Xi will go to the summit and that the two presidents will have a fruitful conversation. Both the two nations and the entire world would benefit from this.

There’s also a chance that Xi won’t go to the conference. This would be a bad result since the US and other nations would view it as a slight. Additionally, it would be more challenging for Biden to establish connections with other foreign leaders.

Xi might show up at the summit, but that doesn’t guarantee their encounter won’t be tense. This would be a contradictory result, demonstrating the issues the two nations still face and their willingness to cooperate.

The two presidents’ readiness to make concessions and the status of relations between the two nations are just two variables that will affect the G20 summit’s result. The summit will undoubtedly be a monumental occasion that will profoundly affect the world order.