September 26, 2023

Azuegbulam’s Golden Feat: Nigeria Clinches Historic First Invictus Gold for Africa

In an inspiring display of skill, determination, and resilience, a 27-year-old Nigerian, Azuegbulam, has made history by becoming the first African to clinch a gold medal at the Invictus Games. Competing in the powerlifting category, Azuegbulam showcased sheer might, bringing pride not only to his homeland but the entire African continent. Highlights: Breaking Boundaries with […]

September 26, 2023

Amazon Faces Accusations of Monopoly Power by US Regulators

Amazon, the global e-commerce titan, finds itself in the spotlight once again, this time facing accusations of wielding monopoly power in the realm of online retail. This recent allegation by US regulators has stirred up intense debate and speculation about the future of the e-commerce landscape and Amazon’s position within it. Highlights: It is no […]

September 26, 2023

Kenya to Begin Nuclear Power Plant Construction in 2027

In an ambitious leap towards diversifying its energy sources, Kenya has announced its intention to commence the construction of its inaugural nuclear power plant in 2027. This significant move resonates with the East African nation’s vision of ensuring sustainable energy for its burgeoning population while also marking its commitment to greener and cleaner sources of […]

September 24, 2023

Tragic Inferno: Over 30 Lives Lost in Benin’s Illegal Fuel Depot Blaze

Benin City, Sept 24, 2023 – A devastating fire consumed an illegal fuel depot near Benin’s border with Nigeria, claiming over 30 lives and sending shockwaves through local communities. The calamity brought to light the perilous underbelly of the contraband fuel trade between the two nations, a longstanding issue which this recent disaster has thrust […]

September 23, 2023

Naira: Nigeria’s Insatiable Rush for Dollars Continues Unabated

Lagos, Nigeria – In a recent economic turmoil witnessed across Africa’s most populous nation, the thirst for U.S. dollars among Nigerians shows no signs of slowing down. Amidst growing uncertainties and fluctuating economic conditions, the naira, Nigeria’s official currency, continues to tumble to record lows against the dollar. Highlights: The naira’s descent has sent shockwaves […]

September 22, 2023

Tinubu’s Lawyers Fight To Stop Release Of Academic Records

On Monday, attorneys for President Bola Tinubu and Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar will begin their fight in a United States court over the President’s academic records from the University of Chicago. Highlights On Thursday, US District Judge Nancy L. Maldonado decided to put a hold on her earlier ruling mandating that Chicago […]

September 22, 2023

Spain Ushers in New Era: Omitting ‘Women’ from National Team Name for a Conceptual Paradigm

Madrid, Spain – In an unprecedented move, the Spanish Football Federation announced that the word ‘women’ would be removed from its national team’s name, signaling a ‘conceptual shift’ in the nation’s perspective on gender inclusivity and the evolving dynamics of modern-day sports. Highlights The decision, announced in Manchester, England, has ignited discussions worldwide. Advocates of […]

September 22, 2023

Tinder’s Premium Play: A $499 Monthly Subscription for Love?

In the fast-paced world of digital dating, Tinder, the globally renowned dating app, has recently introduced an eye-catching subscription plan: a whopping $499 per month, promising exclusive features like unparalleled search and matching. This move has left the online dating community abuzz, with many wondering if love is now hanging on a platinum price tag. […]

September 22, 2023

Nigeria: Our Impact on Nigerians will be Our Legacy Says VP Shettima

As Vice President Kashim Shettima has stated, the Tinubu administration will ensure the country’s fortune gets a major boost in growth and development to meet the expectations of Nigerians and the great hopes the world sets on Nigeria. The Vice President made the promise while at a gathering in Calabar with fellow members of the […]

September 22, 2023

US Dollar Peaks as Markets Navigate Through New Interest Rate Regime

In a remarkable show of strength, the US dollar has surged to a six-month high, reflecting robust economic data and a market that is becoming more accommodating to a new regime of interest rates. This move has sent ripples across global financial markets, indicating a possible paradigm shift in the world of finance. Highlights: Recent […]