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Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari says his government will guarantee that “dealers of shrewdness” don’t overpower the nation.

Noticing that the nation is “presently held with agony over tragic killings, kidnappings and brutality”, he guaranteed Nigerians of his government’s assurance to address instability.

In his Easter message to Nigerians issued on Thursday, he communicated good faith and required a more grounded security among Nigerians.

He stated: “Let us utilize this favorable season to demonstrate love to our neighbors, and oblige the necessities of the less-advantaged in our middle.

“Our country is at present held with misery over shocking killings, kidnappings and viciousness, as found in the ongoing lamentable episodes in certain conditions of the Federation. This ought not be. We should fortify the obligation of fellowship and great neighborliness that residents of a firm nation must share. We should not permit the couple of terrible components in our networks to put into pieces our mutual inclinations and harmonies of solidarity.

“I know from my ordinary cooperations with security boss, state governors, exploited people and individuals from networks got up to speed in the terrible cycle of brutality, that Nigerians are joined against the shrewd minority.

“This organization will do everything necessary to sufficiently prepare and propel our military and other law implementation offices to empower them effectively stand up to these security challenges. We won’t enable dealers of malice and demise to overpower the country. Under my supervision, the country will triumph over them – fear based oppressors, crooks, hijackers and so forth.

“On this heavenly event, I charge all Nigerians to increase supplications for harmony and security to come back to all pieces of the nation. I additionally encourage you not to lose any desire for a more splendid and more prominent future for the nation when we do the correct things in adoration.

“Sobbing may suffer throughout the evening, yet happiness comes toward the beginning of the day. I don’t take the import of my re-appointment for without a doubt, particularly the desires for greater part of Nigerians towards giving satisfactory security, fixing the economy and battling defilement.”

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